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For today’s companies, wifi is a necessity: your customers and your partners want an increasingly fast, reliable and available wifi in the common areas and meeting rooms. Thanks to our business hotspot wifi, you can provide your customers with a perfect wifi experience, simplifying the external and internal communication and improving the company business. By the integrate with our Hivedns solution, you can control the use of your company’s wifi by users and block access to inappropriate sites and content, optimizing bandwidth use and increasing the productivity of your employees.

Offer your customers a perfect browsing experience

Our solution allows you to manage access policies to your business network. Set the network administrator or your employees as “Sponsor Users” and set this registration mode for your customers. In this way, anyone who wants to access your business wifi have to select a “Sponsor” that, after receiving an e-mail alert, will allow him to enable or not access to the network.

Socialhive offers you the possibility to define days and times in which to make available to customers the registration to the business wifi. For example, you can set that the registration is only accessible during working days or hours.

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