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Hotspot WiFi for school and universities

Safe and performant school wifi

Choosing a wifi network for schools or universities is different from choosing one for your home. In particular, it’s essential to ensure that students and professors have safe and reliable internet access. The integration with the HiveDNS solution allows you to block access to sites that could be dangerous for the students’ safety or that could distract the students. Having the ability to block access (or limit) to social networks will ensure that no student can scroll through the Facebook feed during classes or take a look at their Youtube feed to find videos to watch on the school’s tablet.

Fast and easy access to school wifi

Thanks to many authentication methods of Socialhive, the network administrator can select the most suitable type of registration for each individual user, differentiating the access modes for students and guests. Students and teachers can authenticate to the school wifi through the captive portal by entering personal code; guest can connect to the wifi school via social login or email address/phone number.

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